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my personal 15 seconds

had a rather. . . unexpected . .week.
started really bad on monday,
2hrs before closing my body decided to reject all food I had eaten in past 24hrs, only not all at once, it was a rather painful process that took all night, maing this even more abusive was that it was my turn to have the 2 orphaned puppies for the night. since I was too sick to get off the couch they pretty much had their way with my apartment...(i had to spend way too much money on carpet cleaning stuff)
I don't know what it was, but it took me all week to get over it.
Then after dragging myself to thursday night advanced studio i am greeted with the wonderful news that my work had been excepted into the michigan small colleges art exhibit. but the list only had the names of those in the show, nothing about the number of works, this sucked because everone entered the max 3 peices. But still I was soooo thrilled, over 100 students 3 works each from Adrian endered work, and only 20 of us got in...that was enough for me.
The show was hosted by Albion this year, so my painting teacher took a van over for the opening reception and awards sunday afternoon, anyone who wanted to could come. I get to show and find that 2 of my encaustic pices had gotten in!! stunned i woundered around the gallery in awe of all the inciedable work, there was no way that I was going to actualy win anything, hell i was over whelmed with just seeing my stuff in a gallery, with complete strangers looking at it. The variety of work was good, not enough sculpture, but good. when time for the awards came everone shuffeled back into the gallery, a really full house...
the jurer started witht the honorable mentions, i was happy, I though here i would have a chance...2 of my friends won that and i was convinced that my chance was over...then came the $50 and $100 placement, and by this point I wasn't evern listen for my name..then he came Best In Show...$300...
...Kailyn Duane from Adrian College....
thats all I heard before my teachers started shaking me and hunging me in celebration, I never even heard him annouce which of the 2 works won...
it was the encaustic work titeled "medicated".
The rest of the time there everyone kept congradulating me, all those hight and mighty artsy girls were actualy talking to me....I guess i was never good enough for them before.
But wow hu???
Best in show!!!
I know i'm probably making a bigger deal out of this than need be ...but,
around here, it's a big deal.
it just sucked that I went home along after. I felt like someone should have been buying me dinner...
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