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class of 2005

My graduation was yesterday

I still have to take down my show in the gallery, thank the gods for my close relationship with my art profs, they are letting me take my time, i have no idea where I'll store all the work......

There are plans in the works for me to have a one person showing later this summer....more details to come..(if anyone is interested)

my mom flew in on the 28th, she was able to see the last day of my show which was so nice.  The last time I saw my mom was this time last year, her and her boyfriend Tom came for a visit.  I love my mom so much, having her here to see me graduate has ment so much.....anyway, if know me you know how close I am to my mom...

I thought I'd be off to grade school right after graduation, but as it ends up, I just don't have the the plan is to spend the next 5 months working, making money, making art, and building up a better resume....and I'm really looking forward to it.

4 years at OCC then 3 years here, I have worked so hard for the first time i can actualy say that I diserve something, and i disserve a break to dothings that I love.....

maybe i'll even write in here more.


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