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Amy, my roommate / walking disaster area, moved out yesterday.  As I type this she is flying to london to move in with her boyfriend, I will not see her again till christmas but plan to go half buying calling cards to talk to her as much as possibel.  i know this for a fact because I miss her all ready.....

Right now my appartment looks like a thrift store blew up, everything Amy didn't want to move or just plane didn't want is left.  I did aquire a nice queen size bed, a couch and several other furnishings, so I am not all that pushed out of place....

very very soon the reality will set in that now I have to make up for the half of the rent that Amy had been  coving for the past 5 months...

but things are going well, 

i have just found out that will for sure be having a solo gallery show later on this summer

several art therapy (ish) resume bulider opportunites have presented themselves

and come the end of july I will be spending 2 weeks in California, a graduation gift from my mom!!!!


sound good

but what would really help

what would really make things feel better.

is that if i could just find a way to cope with this over whelming cippeling lonelyness.



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