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cross roads

when I got back from my vacation I was all inspired to get a move on, to set my sights on a direction and develop a plan of action for how to best use this year before grad school. 

Before I went off to CA for 2 weeks I was living in a intersection, I had backed myself into an intersection at a cross roads.  And as philisophicaly chorny that that sounds it's really the way it felt, 'o wait  thats the way it still feels...

Graduation was on May 1st

a month of blissful freedom followed,

I put off making any big dicisions untill my 'beloved' roommate/supposed best friend moved out to London.

then I went and had a drink with my art proff.(friend/mentor/connection to all things art)  she suggested that enstead of taking the semester off that I had planned she recommened I take a year, saying that it would be best to give me more time to find the grad school best for me, and also to faten up my resume, and portfoilo, she then goes on to tell me all about these connections she has in the area, starts listing all these things I should get involved in, and it all sounds great, I start to get real excited and agree with her that I'll take a year off stay where I am and just fill up my schedual.

She sends me some shows to enter, and I spend a week in deerfeild working with the childeren of immigrant farm workers at an art camp.

A few weeks later I see my sisters and father for my birthday. 

They all proceed to gang up and start talking me into relocating back to the oakland county area, closer to civilization, and people I know, compared to living in the middle of no where with no friends.  My dad starts to convince me that I could work as a vet assistant at his vet office ( I already have been thinking about looking for a job in that arena, I know i'd qualifie) So the idea of living back in the real world sounds very very nice, living closer to l those I care about and need to see more, but then I would have to find a very good job that would make the move possibel. lenawee county is alot cheaper to live in then oakland.

after my birthday I see my sister a few more times, and she revisits this subjuect agian and again, asking when I plan to move.

I'm stuck. pros and cons in both areas, I'm so stuck and do not know how to get un stuck. 

I go on vacation

Spend 2 weeks with my mom, family members, and friends who have known me the longest.

come back determined to set the wheels in motion and make the move to civilization

Then, I go to campus to pick up my ensaustic stuff i had stored there all summer and I run into Pi and Cathy (art proffs)

I had mentioned to them that I was thinking about moving, they gave me no reaction at the time.  but on this day she starts to tell me how here and Pi have been brainstorming reasons for me to stay close by, and that Pi has all this info out to contacts trying to find me interships, studios or PT jobs.

My momenton gets slowly detrailed upon hearing all these possobilities. 

I end up agreeing to enter 2 more shows, one of which I'll be doing an encaustic demo at along with having my own tent to sell art in, then at the end of next month i also agree to acompany Cathy to the U of T to assisit her with an encaustic work shop.  Plus Pi finds out the there is a PT position open at the Boys and Girls Club, which would be excellent to bump up my social work experience, i picked up the app today....


okay so now I have all these new opportunites.


should i stay or should I go?



all i want to do is go to ren fest this weekend.






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