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Monday Night

I sat in the library and figured out exsactly what I can do each night this week in order to meet all my deadlines and still have room to breath at the end of the week.

and there's always that lingering fact that if i didn't have a job i'd have the time to eat better and do more art...but, i love my job despite the fact that I have a boss that for some reason which I can't find really doesn't like me, and keeps making up reasons to yell at me. If it wasn't for the 2 managers I work directly under and who constantly cover my back, i'd be aout of a job.
((for some reason I felt the need to inform you all of that, and yes it may not sound like a big deal, but the stress is really overwhelming))

I want to go see 'lost in translation' this weekend, I am almost positive that I can find it playing somewhere within an hour of adrian......because it seems that everything remotely interesting is an hour from adrian...

I spent this past weekend at my sister's place in auburn hills, we did a family night out to celebrate both her's and my dad's birthdays.
it was fun,

being home got me to thinkng...

since writing letters, sending cards, and emails doesn't seem to be working, my efforts in re-connecting with beloved friends is going to have to get more personal..
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